13 days to go….

Sent pics to MD on Friday and he is happy with where I am at this point.  I must say I am as well.  My legs have tightened up and i am leaner than I was 4 weeks ago.  Changing up my cardio did it I think.  I knew I had to do it- running!!  That gave me an excuse to buy some NEW SHOES!!  If you didn’t know- I love athletic shoes- I am trying to have some in every color, but I am picky, they do have to be comfortable.  I have my favorites that I like to run in- Saucony’s are the best!! 

Anyway, my training has been going good- there have been a few days I have been a little low on energy but  i push through it. I try to keep my weights up but do drop 5 to 10 pounds on some things just to make sure my form is still good.  I’m still getting a great pump so it’s all good.  I do want to try and video back day soon.  That is one I don’t have up on here yet so I’ll get to work on that. 

I did make a mistake the  other day which is kind  of funny- well kind of… I put Frank’s Red Hot sauce on my fish just to add a little flavor- thinking it would be fine.  Boy was i wrong!!  My stomach the next morning let me know to NEVER do that again.  My whole body felt like it was on fire.  I could feel my body temperature rise from my stomach up to my head then down to my toes. I was miserable!!  I will not make that mistake again!!  But I love hot stuff- even jalapenos, but right now they are not my friends.

I am counting down and have 2 more legs workouts to go.. well official leg workouts. I still do some leg shaping on chest day and plyometrics other days but pushing weight- 2 more!!  Tomorrow is one of those days.  i look forward to it though because I can see things popping!! That keeps me determined and motivated to bring my best!!  I can do it!!

Til next time- train hard and push yourself !



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