Summary of my thoughts on North Americans

Well, I have finally had time to sit down and gather my thoughts about North Americans last weekend.  I have to say that I was totally happy with the physique I brought to the stage.  That was the best I have looked so far I think in my years of competing.  MD had dialed me in just right!  That morning when i woke up at 4:00 am…. I was still holding a bit of water under my glutes.  I called Mike and he said I know my body best, you still have 2 more meals to get in you before you go on stage so I think you will dry out and be fine.  He was right again.  Everything tightened up and I was right on point!  I felt great. 

There were 6 women in my class- but I felt pretty good that I would be in the top 3.  By looking around, I knew my conditioning was the best, which I hoped would count for something, it usually makes a BIG difference.  So I was fairly confident. 

Well, prejudging started and when they moved Suzanne to the middle, I knew that was a sign.  I truly thought I had her on symmetry and conditioning. No water on me at all….. she did have more mass to her frame but that was it.  She looked good, don’t get me wrong but, I thought they took the complete package into account but maybe the Canadians judges look at something different. 

Needless to say, I took second in both classes, Masters and Open.  I am a little disappointed considering I felt I was the best I had ever been but I do know you can’t dwell on it and let it bring you down.  You bring your best and hope the judges see it your way.  There is always another show.

So.. with that being said- I have taken this week to eat whatever I have been missing.  I’ll hit a few highlights of my food list-LOL- we had an 11 hour drive back home so we made a few extra stops along the way. First- I had a killer breakfast at the hotel- 2 Belgian waffles with chocolate chips, powdered sugar, Redi Whip and Sugar Free syrup- like that even mattered at that point.  But wait, i’m not done- scrambled eggs, with some cheese, granola, small bowl of oatmeal with granola in it and a few Potatoes with ketchup.  YUM!!!

On the way home, I always crave dry cereal- something crunchy- so we stopped and got a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, later a vanilla milk shake and an apple fritter. I  did not eat the whole fritter at once but it didn’t make it home.  Lunch was 2 Arby’s roast beefs and fries- not really what I wanted but the selection was limited around there.  Then I did eat the rest of my flank steak and chicken I had in the cooler for dinner.  We were so ready to be home!! 

This week I have done some cardio and lifted a little but next week- I will be back on schedule and ready to hit the gym and start this off-season with a bang.  I have some food in me so I will be able to push some weight and it will feel good!!  Gonna bring my back up more in width and thickness.  So look out next year- I am coming back with a vengeance. 

I haven’t decided which shows I will do yet- gonna talk to MD next week and get some feedback and see what he thinks.  Also, have to clean up my diet- my poor digestive system can’t take any  more of this….

I’ll try to be better about Blogging- hope everyone has a great weekend and if anyone knows anyone who may want to do some online training or clean up their diet and get a nutrition plan- check out my store. 

I hope to also add a few videos soon and some new pictures.

Have a great day!



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