North Americans

I’ve decided to compete at the North Americans in 4 weeks.  This seemed much more manageable than holding out for Nationals in November.  After talking to a few judges- i knew what i needed to do to be ready.  So MD changed up my diet and we are running full steam for the next 4 weeks to be on point for that show!  I did well there last year but as you all know- it all depends on who shows up that day.  All you can do is bring your best and hope that is what the judges are looking for. 

I am going to try and do some videos for the next 4 weeks to keep everyone posted on my training and my mental state of mind!  I am starting to crave food that I see in magazines-LOL-

Everyone stay tuned-

I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten this year- it makes prep so much easier when I get such positive feedback from everyone!

take care-Sherri


Masters Nationals 2011- Final week of prep

I’m in my last few days of prep for Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh.  I feel really good mentally and physically.  Noticing changes every day keeps me motivated and focused.  My workouts have still been really good- haven’t had to drop to the 5 lb weights yet- LOL….  Not that there is anything wrong with that…

Everyone in the gym has been so positive towards me and wishing me good luck.  It’s so good to know that the people you see in the gym every day even though you may not know all their names- they support you and wish you well. They see the work that goes into this and their appreciation of the sport develops more when they see the changes I go through.  I truly appreciate the comments and hope they keep up with the show on the internet next weekend.  RXMuscle and Muscular Development as well as will cover the show and have pics up from prejudging.  My husband will post on my Facebook page as well.

A few more days and we’re off- I’m staying focused and know I have made improvements that hopefully the judges will see and award me for! 

Thanks again for all the support-



Prep for Masters Nationals

Prep is in full swing for Masters Nationals.  I’m almost 9 weeks out come this Friday, May 20th.  I’ve dropped 8 pounds since my diet changed 4 weeks ago and I feel really good about where I am at this point.  Training is going well and I still feel pretty strong.  That may change in a week or so since my carb intake has decreased a bit, but I still push myself every workout.  I will not stand on stage and know that I didn’t give 100% .  I do not train to lose -


A Good Year!!

Excited about everything that is finally happening!!  2011 is gonna be a good year….



The drive to achieve must come from within yourself. That’s definitely what this sport is all about. How deep do you have to look to find it?


Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new website and blog.

In this site you’ll be able to follow my progress in training for my bodybuilding shows and pursuit of my pro card. I’ll also post recommendations for weight training exercises, cardio programs and nutrition. Sometimes I’ll just post what’s on my mind.

This website is a work in progress. I plan on posting videos of my favorite exercises and training tips. Stay tuned for my online store. Here I’ll be selling autographed photos, online training programs, nutrition plans and clothing.

I hope you enjoy the site. Stay tuned for updates and changes and feel free to send me a message.