Chest Workout 10-31-11

Off-season is in full swing.  Training heavy for the past few weeks but changed it up 2 weeks ago to 20 reps then a drop set.  This style really sparks growth for me but at the same time- totally wears me out.  I can only do this for about 3-4 weeks then I have to change it up.  Now that my son’s soccer season is over, i may be able to take Wednesdays off and train on Saturdays.  That rest day in the middle of the week when training heavy really make a difference. I also like to take Sunday’s off to rest.  We’ll see how it goes, hopefully I’ll be able to change it around a bit to keep growing.  Rest makes all the difference.

So- this video is from chest day.  As always, we try to highlight parts of the workout.  Hopefully it will give some of you some new ideas to add to your workouts.  Enjoy and have a great week!  Keep training hard.


Chest Training – Push Press

Hope you enjoy the video- this is one of my favorites- it’s good to change things up and not many people do this one.

So my off-season is in full swing. I’m feeling pretty good other than the hamstring that still aggrevates me.  It has been hurting for almost 2 months now but I haven’t been taking care of it like I should.  Finding the time to lay down and ice it is almost impossible unless it’s late at night.  I need it to heal so I can work on adding some size to my hammies for next year.  Right now that isn’t happening.  I will get better on icing it and stretching.

Other than that- all my training is going well.  I’m trying to go heavy on everything and pyramid on the compound exercises.  I have certain goals i set for myself on certain exercises so one by one I’m going to mark them off.  I did hit 75 lb dumbells on incline presses Tuesday which was a high for me.  Still working on a few others but it will come in time.  As long as I feel good and stay injury free I think this will be another successful off-season.

The holidays are coming up and we all know what that means–  LOTS OF FOOD!!  I haven’t eaten Halloween candy in years…  this year- I am going to have some i do believe.  I may have to sneak it from my kids bags but…  I think I deserve it.  As long as I keep it in check….  then there is Thanksgiving- pumpkin pie- my favorite… I think I have had everything there is to eat pumpkin- love it- too bad it’s only around this time of year.  So that leaves Christmas- baked goods, parties…  oh boy!  I am going to have a good holiday season but keep everything in perspective and know that if I let it go and not stay within reason then I will hate myself come spring.  I DO NOT want to do that- plus MD will let me know and show no mercy when he tells me how I look!  That I don’t want to hear either.  I don’t want to disappoint myself or him-2012 is going to be it!!  Focused and driven to be my best- I will not settle for anything less!


Stay focused and train hard!!

Hope you enjoy the video- this is one of my favorites.



Shoulder Training – Inverted Laterals


I am going to start shooting videos to highlight some of my favorite exercises.  Most are something a little different from the normal or everyday exercise just to add a new twist. Try adding them to your workout in place of something or just add them in. This is the first one- I love training shoulders and this has become one that I love to hate….Try it and let me know what you think!

I hope to be adding a few more workout videos and pictures soon- stay tuned…..

Keep training hard and stay focused on your goals!