Chest Training – Push Press

Hope you enjoy the video- this is one of my favorites- it’s good to change things up and not many people do this one.

So my off-season is in full swing. I’m feeling pretty good other than the hamstring that still aggrevates me.  It has been hurting for almost 2 months now but I haven’t been taking care of it like I should.  Finding the time to lay down and ice it is almost impossible unless it’s late at night.  I need it to heal so I can work on adding some size to my hammies for next year.  Right now that isn’t happening.  I will get better on icing it and stretching.

Other than that- all my training is going well.  I’m trying to go heavy on everything and pyramid on the compound exercises.  I have certain goals i set for myself on certain exercises so one by one I’m going to mark them off.  I did hit 75 lb dumbells on incline presses Tuesday which was a high for me.  Still working on a few others but it will come in time.  As long as I feel good and stay injury free I think this will be another successful off-season.

The holidays are coming up and we all know what that means–  LOTS OF FOOD!!  I haven’t eaten Halloween candy in years…  this year- I am going to have some i do believe.  I may have to sneak it from my kids bags but…  I think I deserve it.  As long as I keep it in check….  then there is Thanksgiving- pumpkin pie- my favorite… I think I have had everything there is to eat pumpkin- love it- too bad it’s only around this time of year.  So that leaves Christmas- baked goods, parties…  oh boy!  I am going to have a good holiday season but keep everything in perspective and know that if I let it go and not stay within reason then I will hate myself come spring.  I DO NOT want to do that- plus MD will let me know and show no mercy when he tells me how I look!  That I don’t want to hear either.  I don’t want to disappoint myself or him-2012 is going to be it!!  Focused and driven to be my best- I will not settle for anything less!


Stay focused and train hard!!

Hope you enjoy the video- this is one of my favorites.



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