Final Weeks of Prep for North Americans

I’m now 2 1/2 weeks out from North Americans and I feel like I have improved from Masters Nationals.  I guess I can hope that the judges  notice that I have tightened up my legs and am a bit leaner than I was 4 weeks ago.  My training is going good although I I have days where my energy level is a bit lower but I attribute that to lack of sleep.   I have discovered this go around how important getting enough sleep is!  Having to get up early to go train clients, then squeeze in my cardio begins to take a toll on me by the end of the week if Ican’t get to bed early enough.  I try to keep in mind though while I’m training that I have to still go at it hard because the women I will be up against are training as hard as I am.  I have to bring my best!! I am counting down the days and will be ready to hit the stage.  The desire I have in me to win that pro card will not go away til I achieve my goal!


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