North Americans

I’ve decided to compete at the North Americans in 4 weeks.  This seemed much more manageable than holding out for Nationals in November.  After talking to a few judges- i knew what i needed to do to be ready.  So MD changed up my diet and we are running full steam for the next 4 weeks to be on point for that show!  I did well there last year but as you all know- it all depends on who shows up that day.  All you can do is bring your best and hope that is what the judges are looking for. 

I am going to try and do some videos for the next 4 weeks to keep everyone posted on my training and my mental state of mind!  I am starting to crave food that I see in magazines-LOL-

Everyone stay tuned-

I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten this year- it makes prep so much easier when I get such positive feedback from everyone!

take care-Sherri



  1. Tracy Pryor says:

    You will be great and bring it home. Very proud of you.

    Your big sis


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