Training update

Sorry it has been a while since I’ve updated- life has been so busy!  Now it’s the holiday season and it’s just going to get crazier-oh boy.  Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on how my training is going and some thoughts that have been going through my head.

My training has been going really good- MD was pleased with the last set of pictures i sent him- which I was concerned because I just felt a little chubby… he said he was really pleased with my progress so far.  That was a big relief and coming from him meant a lot.  He tells you exactly what he thinks with no sugar coating to it- so those were welcome remarks!  I had been lifting heavy for about 8 weeks and it was starting to take a toll on my body.  My back was aching more and then my arms started to go numb at night and my fingers tingle.  I was thinking- oh great- here we go again with back problems- not what I want to deal with again.  Plus, I am really careful when i go heavy now with my form and even the weight i try to push.  Sometimes it’s just not worth it and you can still get good results from not trying to kill yourself.  I have come to realize this!  So I have gone to see my physical therapist who has stretched the mess out of me but I feel so much better.  My lower back is weak and come to find out so is my shoulder which was causing the numbness.  Time for damage control and to start doing those rotator cuff strengthening exercises like i should have been anyway… and stretching 2-3 times a day to keep my back loose.  Other than those lovely issues, things have been going good.  I can see that I am making progress in the gym.

On another note- I like to check out and see what some of the girls i compete against are planning on doing for the upcoming season.  If you know that someone who has beaten you before is going to compete at a show you were thinking of doing, would you do it or choose another?  I want to think that I can beat them this time- judges will be different, improvements have been made, so why not go for it?  Still, it’s a mental game… I will decide what to do around February or March and talk to Mike to see what he thinks I should do.  I don’t train as hard as i do to think I may come in second.  I train to WIN!!

Hopefully we will be able to shoot another exercise video to post this weekend.  Until then, keep training hard and I’d love to hear your feedback on the above.

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